Community Exercise As Medicine

In another week I will be back at the American College of Sports Medicine Symposium (ACSM). Two years ago when I last attended this symposium I came back and wanted to share all of the wonderful new things I learned with my subscribers. In preparation for that I am re-posting one of my posts from that time. I hope it serves you.


Exercise is Medicine

This program, new in 2014, created an opportunity to connect physicians and other conventional doctors to personal trainers. We all know that we need exercise and more and more studies are showing that people live longer and happier lives with exercise. With obesity now being labeled as a disease slowly insurance agencies will be able to cover personal trainers to help prevent and reduce obesity problems. This website is one to give to any of your health and wellness providers so that they can best serve you and their other clients to connect physicians to personal trainers.


Yes, we all know it is a growing problem and yes we all know we need to lose weight and no one wants to be obese or even overweight so what can we do? The key message that I have gotten this week is that exercise starts young. I already work on teaching dance to young children but it needs to continue. Unfortunately, many parents and schools do not value the importance of continued exercise. How did you get your exercise growing up? Running down the aisles of the supermarket when you were out shopping with your parents because you were not in daycare? There is now an even stronger correlation between sedentary lifestyles and ill health. Get up off the couch and walk around outside with your kids and friends.

Showing kids that you want to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle while having fun in the outdoors is so important. Last night I was in a park and I saw a daughter with her two parents, one, overweight, the other, obese. It was wonderful what I saw them do next. They lined up to play red light green light but it was the daughter who was in charge and her parents showing her the importance of playing and exercising at the same time. I hope this visual will stick with you as it is with me how family centered exercise will create a lifestyle of wellness.

So how do we get the exercise we need?

movement1It comes right down to the need for community. We need to work together to create a community based atmosphere that exercise is a necessity and can be incorporated into our daily lives. When you get home for work, instead of dreading preparing dinner, say ‘Let’s go outside and enjoy some time together before it gets dark.’ Expect to be outside or moving, playing games as a family, or if you need some alone time, some quiet meditative yoga. Keep the blood flowing and the lymph moving out and the liver detoxifying by getting your muscles going. All of this will give you more energy and feel less bogged down.

When we start to work together to create an atmosphere where exercise is expected in our home we can spread it to our communities. During our symposium we had ‘Instant Recess’ every session. Someone would turn on some music, yell ‘stand up’ and everyone would stretch, do jumping jacks, dance, just something to get their body moving and get blood flowing. This is great because not only is it good for your body it is good for your mind, blood will start to flow there too! We have to start making it ok to stand up during office meetings and walk around, we know you are still listening. Let people around you know that you want them to be moving around, give them the opportunity and they will give it to you too. Keep an exercise ball at your desk instead of a chair or have a high top desk. People will see these and want them too. Let them borrow your ball during their break and everyone can have fun together learning new exercises on the ball. It also gets people talking and socializing, getting the happy hormones a flowin!

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  1. Great post. I agree–we need to teach our children to get outside and move! Did you see that The Frederick County Rec. Dept. teamed up with Wegman’s to do a “Passport” program? There are loops for each park and you find a plaque at each park that you make a crayon rubbing in your Passport. Lots of fun while getting some exercise! Our family’s goal is to complete all of them this summer. I think I might have just found my topic to write about this week on my blog :-)!!!!!


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